Bedford's values are nuanced.  Our state delegation's approach should be, too.

As a Town Councilor, I work hard to limit spending, protect our resources and support our families.  
We need state legislators with practical goals and local experience who can work together. 

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Smart Fiscal Planning

Bedford is uniquely positioned--businesses and families want to grow here.  That means we need to make smart decisions at the state level about how to fund infrastructure, plan for anticipated retirement costs, and address revenue challenges.  We need to make sure New Hampshire draws, embraces and keeps residents of all ages with attractive job options, housing and a connected community.

As a management-side employment attorney, I spend my professional life analyzing legislation, weighing the favorability of contractual obligations, assessing litigation risks, managing outcome expectations and satisfying client priorities.  If we blow a budget, our clients won't pay.  As a Town Councilor, I have voted in favor of improving our roads and facilities, but against additional administrative positions that I believed we could do without and pay increases that I found difficult to justify.  I have supported relieving some of the tax burden on our older residents in the face of property reevaluations that might otherwise price them out of their homes. Spending what we work hard to earn is not a responsibility I take lightly, and I will bring that same balancing approach to state legislation.

Protecting Our Neighbors

Bedford has worked diligently to facilitate resolution of water contamination issues affecting several neighborhoods in the past few years, but certain change can only come at the state level.  While remediation is now underway, the state standards for what constitutes contamination and how to enforce those standards still diverge widely from those of other nearby states and emerging scientific reports.  As a state rep, I would work to set and enforce safe standards for our water and other vulnerable natural infrastructure.  We need the same science-based approach to addressing other community crises, including the continued opioid addiction impact across the state.

Recently I also have focused on addressing waste challenges in town--as the international commodity market demand for commingled recycling has dropped out, communities across New Hampshire have struggled with whether and how to continue to recycle heavier materials that no longer raise revenue but still carry an environmental impact.  I am proud that Bedford is experimenting with new recycling options that will permit us to mitigate costs but avoid dumping more trash into the state's already strained landfills (or pay even more to truck it out of state).




Supporting Our Schools

My husband Charlie and I moved to Bedford because it offered our family so much--excellent schools and facilities for our daughters, convenient commerce and commute to professional opportunities, beautiful woods and farms and residents who believe in all of it.  Most importantly, we chose Bedford because we could see immediately that Bedford cares about its choices, particularly its commitment to education.  Pulling state funding and ignoring safety risks to kids in our schools will serve only to undermine Bedford's phenomenal system, diminish its appeal to potential and current residents, and increase our property taxes.  We need to have honest conversations about how we can best commit our resources to keeping all kids safe and engaged.  I will not undermine Bedford schools and taxpayers.